Exercise Tips

If you read the about me section then you know that the basic formula for my success is to burn more calories each day than I consume. On my bad days I still want to burn one more calorie than I consume. There is something that makes this hard for long term success, if you find one of those “how many calories do I burn in a day?” calculators all over the internet, they always want to know your current weight. If you play around with them you will see that 500 pound me burns a lot more calories a day than 298 pound me. As I lose weight, my break even calorie count goes down. That is why the rate I am losing weight is decreasing (and I’m ok with that). So, one thing you can do to increase your calorie burn rate is to exercise.

We all won’t be rock stars on day 1. I knew I was going to join a gym for example, but I waited until I had lost 100 pounds before doing it. (I joined Crunch in May 2019) – at first, exercise just meant trying to walk beyond what was required in a day. Gradually I was able to do more and more. As I write this in Coronavirus lockdown, my wife and I have been taking a 35 minute walk about 5 times a week. I also have a easy 15-20 minute exercise routine that I probably do 5 times a week too (not always the same nights). Add it all up, and that is about 4 hours a week of planned exercise. But I also try to do little things when they present themselves (stairs instead of the elevator, taking the long way, not sitting in the car when we make stops at stores).

I mentioned I was a USF fanatic, in the words of our former head football coach Willie Taggart, “Do Something!” That is the key, don’t injure yourself, don’t pass out from heat exhaustion, don’t ask your body to do things it can’t do. Just Do Something, and then soon you will be able to do a little something more.