Eating at Home

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This page will share tips for cooking healthy meals at home.

I’ll start with dessert, everyone’s favorite part of dinner. I found there are many options that don’t disrupt healthy eating, here are some of my favorites:

1. Fat free Cool Whip (or store brand) with berries or banana slices. Simple, sweet, and healthy. I always try to have a tub of fat free whipped topping in my fridge and a second one in the freezer. I want to eat healthy for the rest of my life, so I can’t just plan to skip dessert forever.

2. Luigi’s Frozen Ice – the adult version of a popsicle, and it happens to be fat free too!

3. For a treat, my wife will bake. Yesterday we had brownies. Simple box mix from the store, but using egg beaters for the eggs, apple sauce for the butter. (and skim milk if it calls for milk). Now, to make it better for me, I had a small brownie with a big dap of the fat free whipped topping, which made my small brownie feel like a big dessert.