Just a quick post about dinner tonight to maybe inspire you with another way to do a healthy meal.

I had been cooking all the meals since Saturday, so tonight (Wednesday) was looking like a good night for a restaurant meal. I like Chili’s in that when I compare them to similar restaurants, they seem to have the menu with the most healthy options.

I am a member of their rewards programs, and they send me lots of promo texts and emails. A recent email offered a free kids meal with the purchase of an adult meal. Normally I don’t blink at free kids meals offers, but since we wouldn’t be eating in the restaurant it didn’t seem to matter if there really was a kid or not.

So here is what I did. I order the 3 for $10 option. This came with a Diet Coke, bowl of chicken soup (that had good numbers on their nutritional page) and shrimp fajitas for the entrée. There was a box to check for extra tortillas that didn’t cost extra. Then I selected the grilled chicken tenders for the kids meal, which was basically a grilled chicken breast cut into thirds. It came with a side, I picked Mexican Rice, and a Diet Coke.

So, here is what we got and what we did:

I cut up the chicken breast into chunks, to turn it into fajita filling.

My wife got the Mexican Rice that came with the kids meal, and I got the chicken soup. We each got a Diet Coke. Because I checked the box we both got 4 tortillas each.

Then we used the shrimp, chicken, Mexican Rice (that came with the fajitas), the black beans, the pico, the salsa, the grilled onions, and the grilled peppers as fajitas toppings. We added our own fat free Kraft shredded cheddar cheese and fat free sour cream. ‘

At the end of the night, this was a win and a bit hit. Instead of eating two adult meals, we shared one adult and one kids meal. We used our own cheese and sour cream to make the dishes healthier. Thanks to the promo the meal for two only costs $10 plus tax and tip.

Reminder, this is a time we need to keep tipping generously. The waitress who brought the food out curbside mentioned she is only getting two shifts a week now because they are spreading around the shifts because they have more on their wait staff than they need to do to-go orders