Boston Market

One of my favorite fast casual restaurants in Boston Market. This post is going to do two things, first talk about how to be healthy eating at Boston Market and then breakdown how to save a bunch of money when you go.

The healthy entree’s are easy to spot, you can go with the rotisserie chicken, turkey, chicken soup, or the side item sampler plate. Avoid the meatloaf, ribs, brisket, and pot pies. Be weary of the sandwiches which all have cheese and a sauce (you can get them without the cheese and sauce, then you would be ok if the meat was chicken or turkey).

The two sides that are the best are the mixed steamed veggies and the broccoli. I tend to get one of those two side plus a mid range side like the corn or new potatoes.

If you get the chicken, you need to remove the skin to make it be a healthy dinner. I also try to get fat out of the thigh and will sometimes wipe off the meat with a napkin to remove some of the grease.

Water, diet coke, diet lemonade, and unsweet tea are all good drink choices.

Now, let me give you the crash course on how to make Boston Market an incredible deal.

1. Get the rewards app. You earn a reward on your purchases in points that is worth about 10-15% that can be redeemed for free food on later visits.

2. Watch your email and push notifications (they will have your email from when you got the app). They seem to send out BOGO deals once a week. Even if you are eating along, save the second meal for the next day. Savings 45% (because you have to buy a drink that isn’t BOGO).

3. If you have a warehouse club membership, keep an eye on their gift card deals. I have a BJ’s membership and they sell $50 Boston Market gift cards for only $40, so a savings of 20%