I Might Be Changing My Morning Workout Plan For Tomorrow

About 4 miles from my home, looters are breaking into businesses. A gas station has been burned down. A police officer has been injured. Incredible times we live in now.

On Sundays I have been going for a morning jog on the USF campus. Well, that is about 2 miles towards the violence taking place right now. I don’t want to say my work out is important, because it isn’t.

I turned on a bunch of extra lights, I took the delay off our alarm, and I think I might just take a jog here in my neighborhood in the morning.

Stay safe everyone.

Goals Post #5: Wear Smaller Clothes

As I lay out my goals for the second half of year two, this one is a simple one. These goals should be achieved by 12/9/20 as that will be two years into my life change.

Right now I am wearing a XXXL shirt and a size 44 waist pants.

The goal is simple, XXL shirt and size 40 waits pants (or smaller!).

This is just about me progressing over the next 6 months to move towards being smaller and lighter.

My goals for June 9-December 9, 2020:

1. Run a 5k race.

2. Go kayaking.

3. Lose weight to be under 260 pounds.

4. Reduce or eliminate medicines.

5. Get into XXL shirts and size 40 pants.

I’ll Have the Tuti-Frutti

In Savannah for the day. Getting lots of steps in. We were told we had to go to Leopold’s for ice cream. The place is over 100 years old. They invented tutu-Frutti ice cream.

It’s important for me to have a small cup when I get opportunities like this, I can’t diet to the point that I miss out on life. The goal is to win the day and take in less calories than I burn.

The Speaker Of The House Just Called the President Morbidly Obese. Am I Morbidly Obese?

I need to start with this idea, this blog is not political. I am not advocating any candidates or ideas.

Just the other day the Speaker of the House took a shot at the President and called him, “Morbidly Obese.” (I’m not even using names, so hopefully the political bots never find this post)

Many times I have logged into my patient portal on the primary care physical’s website and seen “morbidly obese” on my list of conditions. I tried to find what classifies a person as morbidly obese, and the best I could find is a person with a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 40 or higher would fit that definition.

I went out and googled for a BMI calculator and found that at 6’1″ and 500 pounds my BMI was 66.0, which as a surprise to no one, is morbidly obese.

I then punched in my current weight and was happy to see the number come back at 38.9. That classifies me as obese and not morbidly obese.

I am reminded of The Simpsons episode where Dr. Nick gets Homer to gain weight to go on disability, Homer was happy to be obese. Well, right now I am delighted to be called obese, as it is a step on my journey.

Where Do I Find Quality Of Life?

I am planning my first short trip since lockdown started. Just a quick weekend getaway. When I travel, I want to eat local, good food, but I don’t want to set myself back when it comes to my weight loss goals. As I always want to promote quality of life, what is more important the quality of life on the trip or long term quality of life that comes from losing weight?

The answer for me is simple, I want both. I want to try the best foods on the trip, but also win each day to lose weight overall.

How do I do this? Here are my tips:

1. Low calorie, healthy breakfasts to leave more calories for the rest of the day.

2. Fresh veggies as snacks during the day, to keep my meal portions lower.

3. Lots of walking to burn more calories.

4. Meals where my wife and I make sure to order one healthy meal and one desired meal, then share both dishes.

5. Avoid unhealthy add ons to meals. Like buttered bread, salad with full fat dressing, fried side dishes, and sweets.

Goals Post #4: Reduce Or Eliminate Medicines

Another post of my goals for the second half of year two after I started eating healthy and losing weight. One of the big accomplishments in the first year and a half of this lifestyle change has been my ability to cut my blood pressure medicine dose in half. I actually had a scary moment where I learned the need to do this. I was out painting a fence, and I kept getting overheated and needing to sit down feeling faint. I actually did faint once and collapsed into the yard. It was the Florida heat combined with low blood pressure, because at the time I was taking the dose needed for 500 pound, unhealthy eating version of me.

Well, I want to take another step and see my medicine’s dose reduced again. This will only happen with my doctor’s blessing. I think we are getting to a reasonable time to see it come down. At the end of my journey, I would love to be off the medicine totally, but I honestly don’t know if that will be reasonable.

The second thing I want to eliminate are the Breath Right nasal strips that I wear when I sleep. This helps battle sleep apnea. These slips allow me to get a full night’s sleep. When I was large and not using them, I would find myself falling asleep very easily with no energy. The strips have done wonders, but I look forward to not needing them any more.

My goals for June 9-December 9, 2020:

1. Run a 5k race.

2. Go kayaking.

3. Lose weight to be under 260 pounds.

4. Reduce or eliminate medicines.

My New Fitness Tradition

I think three weeks in a row is enough to call a tradition. Today was the third consecutive Sunday I went out an jogged/walked the 1.25 mile USF Fitness Trail. I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to try something new. Being on a mostly shaded trail is great for not overheating as the days get hotter. The trail has stations along the way where you do different exercises. I only stop at about 5 of them, as many of the stations require me to do things my body simply isn’t ready for.

As I work towards my goal of being in a 5k race this year, I know when I can do two laps on the trail I’m getting close, but for now, just one lap is reasonable for me.

If you live near USF and are curious, check out the trail here: https://www.usf.edu/student-affairs/campus-rec/facilities/fitness-trail.aspx

Goals Post #3: Get My Weight Below 260 Pounds

I was to be at 260 or lower at the two year mark. This would represent being down 240 pounds in 2 years and approaching the point where I could claim I lost half my body weight. The two year mark is December 9, and the idea here is to have a solid 6 months for the second half of the second year.

This goal isn’t aggressive, in that it is just calling for losing about 35 pounds in six months. This strategy is very much on purpose. I want to lose weight in a sustainable manner, where the lifestyle doesn’t change from weight loss mode to maintain my weight mode.

Overall, the goal is to lose 310 pounds. Upfront I was thinking it was a three year process. Now I am thinking it might even be a three and a half year process, but that really doesn’t matter to me, because the tranistion from losing weight to staying at my healthy weight should be minimal change in lifestyle.

My goals for June 9-December 9, 2020:

1. Run a 5k race.

2. Go kayaking.

3. Lose weight to be under 260 pounds

I Made Fat Free Tzatziki Sauce

I love Greek food. Making chicken pita sandwiches is a favorite dish of mine and I can always find tzatziki sauce in the store that is pretty healthy, but I wanted to take it up a notch.

I googled for a recipe and made a couple simple modifications and it worked pretty well. Fat free Greek yogurt (make sure it is plain and not vanilla). I completely left out the olive oil. I also used dry dill from my spice rack instead of the fresh (just because I had it, not for health reasons).

Next time I do it, I’ll make a video to show how easy it was to make. Just wanted to pass this along for now, hopefully to inspire someone to a new healthy idea.