One Of My Goals ….. Completed

Went to the doctor today and had a positive appointment. Weight continues down. It was down 14 pounds since the last visit. The pace it is dropping won’t impress anyone, but it continues to go down, so I’ll take it with no apologies for that.

One good thing that came out of the appointment was that my blood pressure medication dose was cut in half. Amazingly, this is the second time since I started the diet it was cut in half. Another way to state that is that I am now taking 25% of the dose I was taking before I started losing weight.

I had set goals for the second half of year 2 and one of those goals was a reduction in blood pressure medicine dose, and I can now check that off the list. My completion date for the goals is December 9th, which is the 2 year anniversary of the start of my healthy ways. This is the first goal officially completed. As a side note, I have been “hard at work” on riding all the roller coasters at Busch Gardens and all the slides at Adventure Island, and that goal could be completed in a week or two. I now am 100% confident that I fit in every single one of them, and it is just checking them all off the list.

Vacation Results Are ……. GOOD!!!

I went on a 5 night trip to Rapid City, South Dakota and came back 6 pounds lighter!

Down 219.6 overall.

Now let me tell you all the bad stuff I ate on the trip. This isn’t to taunt you, this is more as information about finding balance. I had a buffalo burger and buffalo chili. I had an “Indian Taco” (that was how it was named everywhere, the word Indian is clearly referencing Native Americans and not people from India. I am not a fan of the name, but am sharing it for accuracy) which was a piece of fried bread (that had a hint of sweetness) with a taco salad on top of it. I have a big slice of strawberry rhubarb pie with vanilla ice cream. I went to an all you can eat Mongolian BBQ place, and I had two sandwiches that were described as “melts” and one of them even had bacon.

Now you may ask, how did I eat all that bad stuff and still lose 6 pounds? Well, here are the things I did right:

At the Mongolian BBQ I ate mostly veggies and shrimp cooked without oil, with little bits of chicken and noodles.

Every morning my breakfast was around 500 calories, which is lighter than most mornings at home.

I drank 0 calories the whole trip. I stopped at Walmart and bought a case of bottled water and drank 30 bottles.

My snacking was limited to about 200-300 calories a day, consisting of a couple granola bars.

I never let myself have 2 unhealthy meals in the same day.

I tried to make the unhealthy dishes better, for example, I only used about one fifth of the sour cream on the taco. I always picked healthy sides, I left mayo off sandwiches, I got my buffalo chili without cheese on top.

Most importantly, I hiked a ton. The temperature was so nice, it was a pleasure to be outside. I did at least a few miles each day. I tried to do multiple short hikes instead of one long one, to allow my body to recover and get ready for the next hike.

As a note, I have a personal policy to not eat at places I can eat at home. That eliminates chain restaurants, except for ones that don’t have locations near me. One of those chains is Noodles and Company. I ate at two of them on this trip. The second time I tried zucchini instead of noodles for the first time ever, and I was impressed. It actually worked. It also saved me 450 calories on my dish!

Waiting For My Flight Home

I’m sitting at the airport waiting to come home.

I’m curious how the scale will look in the morning. I was constantly hiking and walking on the trip so that is in my favor, but I also ate things I wouldn’t have eaten at home.

My goal for traveling is always break even and any weight loss is a bonus. I was in South Dakota mostly, and had to eat local things like buffalo chili and a buffalo burger. I had a piece of warm strawberry rhubarb pie. They were all tasty and I have no regrets.

Hoping for the best, maybe down slightly after 5 nights of travel.

As a side note: if you love nature Rapid City, South Dakota is highly recommended. So many natural attractions within an hour or so.

Living My Best Life

Lots of updates to share. I feel like I haven’t been around and sharing what is going on, so it is time for all of us to catch up.

First, lets start with the good news. I haven’t fallen off the wagon. Still losing weight. Just updated the home page to show the new weight at 287.6, which is 212.4 pounds down.

Now to temper that with my frustrations. The weight is coming off very slowly right now. I’m not having bad days where I fall off and then need a week to recover, instead, I am just breaking even on so many days. Covid has me working from home, and I realize that getting out of the house is key to me staying healthy.

Now for some uplifting news. Since I listed my goals for the second half of year two, I have been making progress. One goal was the roller coasters and thrill rides at Busch Gardens and Adventure Island. I can cross two of them off, and they are a big two. First is Cobra’s Curse, which was the last coaster to deny me, by kicking me out of the car because the safety harness wouldn’t properly lock in place because I was too big. That was early in 2020, so I made it. The second coaster I rode was Kumba, which was the only other coaster I had not ridden in 20 years, so checking the rest of them off will be child’s play.

I had some other activity goals of a kayak and a scooter. I haven’t tried either of them yet, but I did ride a go kart for the first time in 20 plus years. I also did an alpine mountain coaster (think roller coaster with 1 person carts). I enjoyed both immensely. They are steps in the right direction and show that I am able to do things I never thought possible.

I’ve got some nature hiking trips upcoming, and I am excited to tackle them and keep moving in the right direction.

I had been away from the blog for a while for a couple reasons. First was the frustration of how slow the weight loss has been. I have to keep reminding myself that as long as I am taking steps in the right direction, the time it takes to get there doesn’t matter. The second reason was that I was taking a summer class as I work on my last degree, and I was procrastinating writing the papers for that class, and I kept telling myself that I shouldn’t be messing around with a blog when I need to be writing my assignments. Class is over, back to the blog.

My July and August are going to be full of safe travel. Bowling (really!) – I got an all you can bowl summer pass for the lanes right near my house for around $50, it keeps me away from snacking. Busch Gardens, and hopefully weight loss.

18 Months & 206 Pounds Down

Today is the 18 month mark. I had originally thought of this as a 3 year journey, so this is the projected half way point. Lots of positives completed, some lessons learned. Tons of support from friends, family, and even strangers.

Today it has been hard to think back positively, been battling the last few weeks where the weight has been coming off way to slow for my liking. I have set an intermediate goal of be down 220 by July 18th. Part of the path to get there is my return to the gym coming up soon, while keeping up the home exercise. I am also thinking about buying a big bag of salad and trying to do a week where my lunches are under 250 calories, combined with a healthy breakfast and dinner should push the results I want.

Things I have learned in the past 18 months.

  1. Healthy food tastes good. I don’t miss the stuff I am not eating because there is plenty of good tasting healthy options out there.
  2. People are awesome. So many kind words, encouragements, and well wishes. It amazes me how many people noticed.
  3. Exercise gets easier the more you do it. The nightly walks keep getting longer. I would not have believed the things I can do now, if you told me just a few months ago.
  4. Idle time is destructive to me. I can’t just be sitting around doing nothing. That is when I eat too much. During the Covid 19 lock down we would take drives just to keep me busy. It worked. I can’t wait to get back to the office, where life gets more hectic.
  5. I don’t miss alcohol. I am probably averaging 1 drink a month, just simply because I don’t want to drink in calories. Life is good, and that is fine.

The journey continues!

Goals Post #8: Ride A Scooter

Hello and welcome to the final goals post for the second half of year 2. I am laying out 8 goals that I feel are reasonable, and I want to accomplish before December 9, 2020.

Here is another quality of life post. You know when you are in cities and kids come whipping by you on the sidewalk on those little motorized, stand up scooters. Probably there is a division line around the age of 32, if you are under 32 you think, wow, those look fun. For those over 32, you probably mumble something like, “darn kids, those things are a menace!” Well, I’m over 32, but I am very immature, so I am in the crowd of wanting to ride them. It is something I have never done before.

That is it, the final goal, here is the recap:

My goals for June 9-December 9, 2020:

1. Run a 5k race.

2. Go kayaking.

3. Lose weight to be under 260 pounds.

4. Reduce or eliminate medicines.

5. Get into XXL shirts and size 40 pants.

6. Do a chin up.

7. Ride all the rides at Busch Gardens and Adventure Island.

8. Ride a stand up scooter.

Goals Post #7 Ride All The Roller Coasters At Busch Gardens & All The Slides At Adventure Island

I’ve mentioned it before, I love thrilling amusement park rides. For way too many years I was too big to fit on most of them. Right before the parks closed for Covid 19, I was starting to fit on them, I had ridden some of them, but not all of them. Well, the parks open back up June 11th, so from June 11 until December 9, I plan to ride all the thrill rides at least one time each. There are a couple coasters I was getting rejected from right before the park closes, so it is time to take them for a spin.

My goals for June 9-December 9, 2020:

1. Run a 5k race.

2. Go kayaking.

3. Lose weight to be under 260 pounds.

4. Reduce or eliminate medicines.

5. Get into XXL shirts and size 40 pants.

6. Do a chin up.

7. Ride all the rides at Busch Gardens and Adventure Island.

Goals Post #6 Do A Chin Up

This one seems odd. I was the fat kid in grade school. Every year we would have to do the Presidential Physical Fitness Test, and I would be expected to do around 8 chin ups in 60 seconds. Every year the same sequence would play out. The coach would call out my name. I’d get in position, coach would yell go as he started his stop watch. I would hang on the bar and not budge. No matter how hard I tried, I wasn’t strong enough to lift my body up and get my chin over the bar. Some years I would drop off the bar, other years I would hang for the full 60 seconds before the coach would yell, “Time!”

I’ve never done a chin up in my life.

I’ve been jogging a fitness trail that keeps asking me to do them.

This one is going to be close, but I am hoping that I can reduce weight and add enough strength to be able to complete my first chin up by December 9, 2020.

My goals for June 9-December 9, 2020:

1. Run a 5k race.

2. Go kayaking.

3. Lose weight to be under 260 pounds.

4. Reduce or eliminate medicines.

5. Get into XXL shirts and size 40 pants.

6. Do a chin up.

Since My Last Post, Waking Up To The Aftermath

The riots stayed mostly about 4 miles away. The interesting side note is that I read reports that these dumpsters full of recycling materials were set on fire overnight. They are the starting point of the USF fitness trail, which is my normal Sunday morning jog.

I just got back from a 40 minute walk in my neighborhood instead.

My heart breaks for my community and the black community. Lots of change needed. Hopefully last night was the worst, and now the healing can begin.