Vacation Results Are ……. GOOD!!!

I went on a 5 night trip to Rapid City, South Dakota and came back 6 pounds lighter!

Down 219.6 overall.

Now let me tell you all the bad stuff I ate on the trip. This isn’t to taunt you, this is more as information about finding balance. I had a buffalo burger and buffalo chili. I had an “Indian Taco” (that was how it was named everywhere, the word Indian is clearly referencing Native Americans and not people from India. I am not a fan of the name, but am sharing it for accuracy) which was a piece of fried bread (that had a hint of sweetness) with a taco salad on top of it. I have a big slice of strawberry rhubarb pie with vanilla ice cream. I went to an all you can eat Mongolian BBQ place, and I had two sandwiches that were described as “melts” and one of them even had bacon.

Now you may ask, how did I eat all that bad stuff and still lose 6 pounds? Well, here are the things I did right:

At the Mongolian BBQ I ate mostly veggies and shrimp cooked without oil, with little bits of chicken and noodles.

Every morning my breakfast was around 500 calories, which is lighter than most mornings at home.

I drank 0 calories the whole trip. I stopped at Walmart and bought a case of bottled water and drank 30 bottles.

My snacking was limited to about 200-300 calories a day, consisting of a couple granola bars.

I never let myself have 2 unhealthy meals in the same day.

I tried to make the unhealthy dishes better, for example, I only used about one fifth of the sour cream on the taco. I always picked healthy sides, I left mayo off sandwiches, I got my buffalo chili without cheese on top.

Most importantly, I hiked a ton. The temperature was so nice, it was a pleasure to be outside. I did at least a few miles each day. I tried to do multiple short hikes instead of one long one, to allow my body to recover and get ready for the next hike.

As a note, I have a personal policy to not eat at places I can eat at home. That eliminates chain restaurants, except for ones that don’t have locations near me. One of those chains is Noodles and Company. I ate at two of them on this trip. The second time I tried zucchini instead of noodles for the first time ever, and I was impressed. It actually worked. It also saved me 450 calories on my dish!

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