Living My Best Life

Lots of updates to share. I feel like I haven’t been around and sharing what is going on, so it is time for all of us to catch up.

First, lets start with the good news. I haven’t fallen off the wagon. Still losing weight. Just updated the home page to show the new weight at 287.6, which is 212.4 pounds down.

Now to temper that with my frustrations. The weight is coming off very slowly right now. I’m not having bad days where I fall off and then need a week to recover, instead, I am just breaking even on so many days. Covid has me working from home, and I realize that getting out of the house is key to me staying healthy.

Now for some uplifting news. Since I listed my goals for the second half of year two, I have been making progress. One goal was the roller coasters and thrill rides at Busch Gardens and Adventure Island. I can cross two of them off, and they are a big two. First is Cobra’s Curse, which was the last coaster to deny me, by kicking me out of the car because the safety harness wouldn’t properly lock in place because I was too big. That was early in 2020, so I made it. The second coaster I rode was Kumba, which was the only other coaster I had not ridden in 20 years, so checking the rest of them off will be child’s play.

I had some other activity goals of a kayak and a scooter. I haven’t tried either of them yet, but I did ride a go kart for the first time in 20 plus years. I also did an alpine mountain coaster (think roller coaster with 1 person carts). I enjoyed both immensely. They are steps in the right direction and show that I am able to do things I never thought possible.

I’ve got some nature hiking trips upcoming, and I am excited to tackle them and keep moving in the right direction.

I had been away from the blog for a while for a couple reasons. First was the frustration of how slow the weight loss has been. I have to keep reminding myself that as long as I am taking steps in the right direction, the time it takes to get there doesn’t matter. The second reason was that I was taking a summer class as I work on my last degree, and I was procrastinating writing the papers for that class, and I kept telling myself that I shouldn’t be messing around with a blog when I need to be writing my assignments. Class is over, back to the blog.

My July and August are going to be full of safe travel. Bowling (really!) – I got an all you can bowl summer pass for the lanes right near my house for around $50, it keeps me away from snacking. Busch Gardens, and hopefully weight loss.

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