Goals Post #8: Ride A Scooter

Hello and welcome to the final goals post for the second half of year 2. I am laying out 8 goals that I feel are reasonable, and I want to accomplish before December 9, 2020.

Here is another quality of life post. You know when you are in cities and kids come whipping by you on the sidewalk on those little motorized, stand up scooters. Probably there is a division line around the age of 32, if you are under 32 you think, wow, those look fun. For those over 32, you probably mumble something like, “darn kids, those things are a menace!” Well, I’m over 32, but I am very immature, so I am in the crowd of wanting to ride them. It is something I have never done before.

That is it, the final goal, here is the recap:

My goals for June 9-December 9, 2020:

1. Run a 5k race.

2. Go kayaking.

3. Lose weight to be under 260 pounds.

4. Reduce or eliminate medicines.

5. Get into XXL shirts and size 40 pants.

6. Do a chin up.

7. Ride all the rides at Busch Gardens and Adventure Island.

8. Ride a stand up scooter.

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