Goals Post #6 Do A Chin Up

This one seems odd. I was the fat kid in grade school. Every year we would have to do the Presidential Physical Fitness Test, and I would be expected to do around 8 chin ups in 60 seconds. Every year the same sequence would play out. The coach would call out my name. I’d get in position, coach would yell go as he started his stop watch. I would hang on the bar and not budge. No matter how hard I tried, I wasn’t strong enough to lift my body up and get my chin over the bar. Some years I would drop off the bar, other years I would hang for the full 60 seconds before the coach would yell, “Time!”

I’ve never done a chin up in my life.

I’ve been jogging a fitness trail that keeps asking me to do them.

This one is going to be close, but I am hoping that I can reduce weight and add enough strength to be able to complete my first chin up by December 9, 2020.

My goals for June 9-December 9, 2020:

1. Run a 5k race.

2. Go kayaking.

3. Lose weight to be under 260 pounds.

4. Reduce or eliminate medicines.

5. Get into XXL shirts and size 40 pants.

6. Do a chin up.

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