Where Do I Find Quality Of Life?

I am planning my first short trip since lockdown started. Just a quick weekend getaway. When I travel, I want to eat local, good food, but I don’t want to set myself back when it comes to my weight loss goals. As I always want to promote quality of life, what is more important the quality of life on the trip or long term quality of life that comes from losing weight?

The answer for me is simple, I want both. I want to try the best foods on the trip, but also win each day to lose weight overall.

How do I do this? Here are my tips:

1. Low calorie, healthy breakfasts to leave more calories for the rest of the day.

2. Fresh veggies as snacks during the day, to keep my meal portions lower.

3. Lots of walking to burn more calories.

4. Meals where my wife and I make sure to order one healthy meal and one desired meal, then share both dishes.

5. Avoid unhealthy add ons to meals. Like buttered bread, salad with full fat dressing, fried side dishes, and sweets.

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