Morning Hike and a Llama?

When I heard some of the local parks were opening up this week, I was excited to have an adventure. While I try hard to stay safe, I didn’t think there was much risk in a park visit outdoors while keeping social distancing.

We picked Flatwoods Park which is less than 10 miles from home. We got there about 8:30 and found the parking lot was filling fast. We walked and hiked for an hour, with some time on the paved trail and some time in the woods filling the hiking path.

I kept telling my wife that I wanted to see wildlife and kept naming animals that we wouldn’t possibly see, like cobras and pumas. By the end of the hike the only wildlife we had seen was birds and lots of love bugs.

On the ride home we passed another park that was just a roadside parking lot leading to a trail. I pulled off to take a look and there was the llama. While it was someone’s pet, I am going to check off my goal of exotic wildlife viewing.

My message for you in this post, don’t let yourself get bored with your exercise routine. Find new experiences and give them a try. It was nice to walk somewhere different. Who knows, maybe you’ll see a llama too!

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