You Can Eat Butter!…. Pumpkin Butter

In the Summer of 2019 on a family trip to North Carolina we were walking the downtown of Asheville and cane across Mast Store. Think of it as a cross between an old fashion general store and a tourist gift shop.

On their back wall was a giant selection of jars of spreads, dips, and picketed vegetables. My wife was determined to find one to bring home, so she would pick up a jar, hand it to me and say, “how about this one?l I would immediate spin the jar around to the nutritional content and give it a thumbs up or down.

When she handed me the pumpkin butter I didn’t have much hope. It had the word butter in the name, I though this one couldn’t possibly be healthy.

1 tablespoon serving. 30 calories. 0 fat!

I have no idea if all pumpkin butter is like this, or if I stumbled on the perfect jar, so be sure to read your labels. It taste good, adds variety, and keeps me on track.

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