Unexpected Benefits of the Journey

I am very fortunate to be alive. I don’t want to do a google search to see what the life expectancy of a 500 pound person is, but I was there and over 40. You could certainly say I was “on the clock.” I didn’t have many serious health issues, but you never know how quickly that could change. I want to share one thing that was happening in my life when I undertook this journey.

For those who don’t know me well, I have an incredible passion for travel and for my USF sports teams. I love to combine those passions into trips for road games. Allow me to set the stage for a great sports weekend trip. September 14-16, 2018 I flew up to Chicago, met family and headed up the interstate to Milwaukee. We went right to the Miller Coors Brewery tour. After the tour we went to Miller Park to see a Brewers baseball game.

Then Saturday we went to the USF vs. Illinois game at Soldier Field, where we saw a thrilling come from behind win for the Bulls. After that game we rushed up to Northwester to see the second half of their loss to Akron. Not a bad weekend!

Something small and insignificant happened at the Brewers game that would impact the next 4 to 5 months of my life. Where we sat was bleacher style seating. Exiting my row I scraped my right shin on the corner of the bench. For most people it would have been a small scratch. Probably wouldn’t have drawn blood. The skin on my lower legs was in rough shape, our circulatory systems aren’t designed to work efficiently in 500 pound bodies. The little scratch that was maybe an inch long opened up my leg, and I couldn’t get it to heal for almost 5 months. I would change the wrap on it 3 or 4 times a day. (warning, if you have a weak stomach, stop reading now and just know everything worked out)

Every night I would sleep with my right leg on a towel, and it would be soaked in the morning. I was ruining the right shoe on a pair of shoes about every two weeks. I even bought a shoe dryer that they use in locker rooms to dry out cleats. My small cut was infected, my doctor tried for a while to get it to heal, before sending me off to a wound center. It took 5 months, countless gauze wraps and at least 5 wasted pairs of shoes to get my small, inch long scrape on my leg to heal. Don’t feel bad for me, I put myself in that position. The single biggest factor that lead to my leg healing was simply the fact that on December 9, 2018 (almost 3 months into my leg dripping constantly), I decided now was the time to lose weight. It took a couple months to lose enough that my leg could heal. If you look at my right shin today you see a patch of lighter new skin that grew to heal the cut. Just know that our bodies have an amazing ability to heal us from many ailments, and I can promise you that as you lose weight, the ability will multiply. Thank God I got my wake up call from a small scratch and a 500 pound scale at my doctor’s office that came back ERR instead of a number.

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