Keep Your Head Up

So, I have a crazy bathroom scale that somedays you get on it, get a number, get right back on it, get a different number, then do it again for a third different result in 3 back to back tries. For the last week, it hasn’t gone down, even though I know I am losing weight.

Let me explain what I am talking about. I track my low weight. Some days my weight is up 0.4 pounds, I simply disregard that number and try again the next day. Then on the home page I update the total when I get a new low.

My low hasn’t changed in about a week. It is frustrating because I want to see and track progress. I have done the right things, I know I am losing weight, so you might ask, what is happening?

I got my low when I was somewhat dehydrated, so my low was probably 1-2 pounds lower that what it would have been if my hydration level was normal. So, now my body has to catch up to that low.

Here are the key things to remember:

1. You want to see a downward trend in your weight, it doesn’t mean that you will lose the same amount each day.

2. You should take your weight early in the morning, before eating or drinking, so you have a consistent reference point.

3. Don’t worry if other scales (like doctor’s offices, or Publix) don’t match your home scales.

4. Be confident if you are doing the right things, results will come.

5. Weight loss isn’t a race, the key is getting to the destination, not the speed you get there.

I’ve said it before, I’ve planned on this being a 3 year process, and I’m fine if it takes longer. I didn’t get to 500 pounds overnight, they aren’t going to come off overnight either.

Here is one reason why so many people who lose weight gain it back in my opinion. They viewed dieting as abnormal, so when they hit their target weight they had no idea what and how much to eat. They just saw it as, the diet is over. I did this. I lost weight really fast, then went back to all the bad habits that put the weight on in the first place. That is why I have had all the foods I love during this process, just done in a responsible way.

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