Let Me Tell You About This Shirt

Successful diets have progress that is easy to measure. For example my pants started at size 60 and are now size 44. My shirts have gone from 6XL to 3XL. I take blood pressure medicine and I have been able to cut the dose in half (with my doctor’s blessing).

Then there is progress that isn’t measurable data, but instead just fun anecdotes.

Over the years my weight has been up and down. I always knew one day I would lose the weight, so I boxed up smaller sized clothing to save for the day I would be back to that particular size.

I recently found in a box the shirt you see me wearing in the picture. I know for a fact that I wore this shirt on my first date with my wife in 2003.

Before you say “awwww” he’s so romantic that he remembers what he wore on his first date with his wife, the reason I know this is the shirt is that it was “my first date shirt.” I must have been on 20 first dates back in that time frame, and I always wore the same outfit.

I was never one great on style, so as I dove into the dating world my wonderful coworkers took me to the mall on a lunch break one day and helped me pick up this shirt, that was paired with jeans. In return I provided my coworkers with the many tales of train wreck first dates that hardly ever produced second dates. All’s well that ends well, and now I know that I am about the same size as I was in 2003.

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