If You Like Greek Food…

Last night was one of our take out meals for the week, we have been averaging about 2 a week since Coronavirus impacted how we live. I love Greek food, and I wanted to offer a couple ideas on how to make it healthy. For any readers in Tampa area, we got our take out from Little Greek on Fowler, I think they are a regional chain, so outside of the Tampa Bay area, you may not be familiar with them, but they are fast casual, think Chipolte with a Greek menu.

First, I love gyros, but I know that meat is fatty and high in calories. There is an easy answer, almost every place that sells gyros sells a chicken pita which is basically a gyro with chicken instead of gyro meat. The good news is that wonderful tzatziki sauce that makes everything taste like rainbows and sunshine is usually pretty healthy, the base is Greek Yogurt and often a lower fat version.

Now, here is a tip to make your take out healthier. One more unique taste that makes Greek food wonderful is feta cheese. Well, I tell them to leave the feta off, since I know it will have a high fat content. Then when I get home I add my own fat free feta cheese. You will see from the price, it is on the expensive side, but my health is worth it.

I have a couple more tips for eating at Greek restaurants.

Most will offer a chicken skewer over rice dish, that is a wonderful combination when watching what you eat. Dolmades (stuffed grape leaves) can also be ok, but make sure any sauce is on the side.

Avoid the spanakopita (spinach pies) and sadly the Greek salads, as they come high in fat.

Finally, if you absolutely must eat some of the unhealthy stuff, team up with a friend or significant other and order a healthy meal and an unhealthy meal and share both, that way you get the food you crave but you are only eating half a meal of it.

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