Diet and Exercise – Do Both

My cousin used the graphic above and I love it, so I stole it from her (I told her I was stealing it, and left her website on it, so she won’t be too mad at me).

Odds are if you are reading my blog you are interested in losing some weight, and have come here for inspiration, motivation, and tips. My motivator is the number on the scales. Your motivator might be something different, like how you look in the mirror, energy level, clothing size, decrease blood pressure medication. There is no such thing as bad motivation, whatever motivates you, use it, harness it.

I learned that muscle burns more calories than fat. What I mean by that is the science that if you can turn a pound of fat into a pound of muscle, your weight on the scale is the same (down one pound of fat, up one pound of muscle = no change in weight), but that pound of muscle will increase your calorie burn rate meaning you can either eat more and break even or lose weight a little quicker.

When you get to the point that you want to take your workouts from walking and bike riding into weight training think about having a professional help design a plan for you. I mentioned in an earlier post about how valuable time is, so use your time wisely.

I also am appreciative that my wife exercises with me. We would go to the gym together (pre virus lockdown) and now we walk and use our home exercise equipment together. Having that dynamic makes the workouts so much more enjoyable. I highly recommend you find a workout buddy, and keep each other accountable.

I am going to plug my cousin’s personal training consultations, visit her website for more information

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