French Fries, Sure, Why Not?

Often it is assumed that French fries are a no go for those trying to lose weight. Or even worse, they keep eating the wrong fries thinking they are healthy.

Lets start with the things to avoid. French fries served by fast food restaurants are not good for you. Remember, I don’t care about carbs, I care about calories and fat content, and fries from fast food are high in fat content. There is a second trap to avoid. In your grocery store they have all those bags of fries that are designed to be baked in your over, and they turn golden brown. Well, here is the bad news, the makers of those bags of fries add oil into the potatoes so when you bake them, they sort of fry up in your over. While they are probably healthier than fast food fries, don’t think they are good for you.

Now that I have all the bad news out of the way, there is one product that absolutely is the way to go. Alexia Smart Classics Crinkle Cut Fries, in the green bag.

These fries don’t have all that oil added into them. You can bake them, but my suggestion, get an air fryer. Mine is in the top photo and I love it. I use it at least 5 times a week. These fries need some seasoning, but it gives you a chance to eat fries and stay healthy. My biggest problem is that they can be hard to find at stores. In my area, Publix has them, but I don’t see them many other places. Don’t be confused, just this one variety are the healthy ones, Alexia makes many other versions of fries, but they don’t pass the eating healthy test.

A couple more ideas: if you can’t find the healthy fries and you feel like you must have some fries, be sure to compare the bags, there are wide ranges of which is healthier. I tend to find steak fries to be the closest to the healthy side of the range, probably because they have the most potato on the inside.

I also have had success making potato wedges in my air fryer with no oil. They work ok, but the Alexia taste much better.

Finally, if fries are your thing, and you just got to have some fast food fries, go with a friend, and steal a couple of theirs (while you eat the grilled chicken sandwich with mustard). That way you don’t eat a whole serving, but still get to enjoy the taste. Remember, you can add fries into your diet, but if you are counting calories and fat, then you have to make sacrifices somewhere else that day.

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