Pizza Time

Lets talk pizza. I think pizza is one food that most people like, and many people love. I’ve been losing weight and I haven’t given up pizza, and you don’t have to give up pizza either. I’m going to share with you how to make your own healthy pizza, how to order a healthy pizza delivered to you and finally what happens who you end up having pizza in an uncontrolled situation (like traveling or out with friends).

Home Made

The photo above shows the building blocks for a healthy pizza. The crust in the picture came from Target, but I’m sure there are lots of options that are just as good. The key here is that it is thin. A big fluffy crust is going to add a lot of calories. If you look at the bottom right hand corner, 1/4 of the crust is 170 calories. When I make pizza, my wife and I eat the whole thing, so we are each getting 340 calories from the crust. The sauce can be about any brand, but be sure to read the calorie and fat count. I’ll often pick up two jars just so I can compare, because not all brands are the same. The cheese is Kraft Fat Free Mozzarella, this is the biggest key, the fat free cheese is what allows me to eat half this pizza and still have a healthy meal. My wife like the reduced fat parmesan from Kraft, so I use a little too. I then add fresh basil, whatever veggies we have on hand that work well on a pizza and grilled chicken breast. (other lean meats are fine too, just be smart about it)

Now, let me tell you what I do not add, ever. OIL – the directions call for it, you don’t need it, you won’t miss it, skip it completely.

I’ll also add that my wife found an aluminum pizza baking disk at Dollar Tree for $1 (anyone not familiar with dollar tree, that is how they work, everything is $1). It is great and this pizza fits perfectly on it and it makes clean up so easy. We buy the Fat Free shredded cheese when they go BOGO at our local grocery store. For example, they were BOGO last week, so we bought 3 and got 3 bags more for free. They make it in Cheddar too, which is great for things like tacos and quesadillas.


I tend to order from Papa John’s more than anyone else. Their pizzas come less greasy than some of their competitors. Here are a couple things to remember: veggies are your friend, pineapple is cool if you like it on pizza, grilled chicken is a great pizza topping, avoid sausage and pepperoni (if you love pepperoni, think about getting a bag of turkey pepperoni and adding it yourself.) Papa John’s has a light cheese option (meaning they give you less cheese, not that the cheese is healthier).

Papa John’s is big into sponsoring sports teams, and often have a code for 50% off the day after a win, for example if you live in Tampa, the code “USFWins” gets you 50% off the day after a USF win in football or basketball. A google search will help you find codes for the teams near you.

Other Situations

Sometimes we are in less control. For example, I took my wife to Chicago for our anniversary in May of 2019. Well, if I am in Chicago, I am going to get a Lou Malnati’s deep dish Chicago pizza. There is no trick to make it healthy, so you just have to manage your day and your portions. Things I might do include, making sure that my other meals that day are lighter, predetermining how much pizza I am going to eat (for example, go with 3 other people, get a small and know we only get 1/4 of it each,) and trying to go when I am not looking for a big meal (lunch instead of dinner).

One last thing, say I’m out with friends and we go somewhere to get pizza and there aren’t any healthy options, get a slice, but try to use a few napkins to remove extra grease from the top of the pizza and the crust. You may be able to take an unhealthy slice and make it ok, but simply blotting off the extra grease.

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