Setting Reasonable Goals

On December 9, 2018, which was day 1 for me, I needed to be able to have a goal that allowed me a glimpse of the finish line. I asked myself what weight do I want to be at? Then I asked myself, how long will it reasonably take for me to get there.

My answers were I wanted to lose 310 pounds to get to 190, and I was prepared for this to be a 3 year journey.

The reality is that I don’t care how long it takes as long as I keep moving in that direction by losing a little every day. If it takes 5 years, so be it.

In my mind on day 1, the plan was 175 pounds in year one; 75 pounds in year two, then 60 pounds in year three.

So, I was slightly off the pace at the end of year one, being down only 170. So I have adjusted the goal for year two to 80 pounds, leaving year three at 60 pounds. It’s ok that I was a little off the desired pace.

When it comes time for you to set goal, remember it isn’t a race to lose weight. If you lose real fast it might be harder to keep it off. Also remember the rate at which you lose will slow down, as your body gets smaller it will burn fewer calories in a day. That is ok, embrace the change. That is why my yearly weight loss goals decrease in each of the three years. It isn’t that I am doing less, it is that doing the same thing will have a different impact on my smaller body.

Goals should create motivation. While I just started this blog I was constantly texting my wife my new lowest weight, our string of text messages are almost a diary of what I have done and when I accomplished each step along way. Do something to remind yourself of your goal and celebrate your progress towards the goal.

On final thought, you can have short term and long term goals. I love to travel, so leading up to big trips I would say to myself, I want to be at X weight before that trip. This allowed me to have goals way off in the future and closer to the present.

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