No thank you, I brought my own!

While I know the healthiest food comes from home, there are times that we all need to eat out. One thing I try to do is scout out the menu and nutritional information before I leave home. That way I know I am making the best choices for me.

When I go to a restaurant, I know they won’t always have the healthy condiments. Often I’ll bring my own in these little 2 ounce cups. While mustard and hot sauce are always low in calories, other condiments are vary widely. I use my cups primarily for fat free salad dressing, fat free mayo, fat free tartar sauce, fat free sour cream. If you read the labels, there is a huge fat and calorie difference between the products I just listed and their regular counterparts. (Often there is a big difference between the Light and Fat Free versions, too)

When our Covid 19 lockdown ends, we are all probably going to rush out to restaurants, don’t be afraid to bring you own condiments.

I wanted to share that I bought my pack of 50 at Walmart, I think they were $2.39. I have seen them at Dollar Tree in a pack of 16 for $1. I’m sure many other stores sell them, and places like Amazon certainly will offer them as well. Look for 2 oz. size, with lids.

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