Update: 7/24/20 Current Weight 280.4 for a total loss of 219.6 – Starting date 12/9/18

On December 9, 2018 I weighted more than 500 pounds…


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One Of My Goals ….. Completed

Went to the doctor today and had a positive appointment. Weight continues down. It was down 14 pounds since the last visit. The pace it is dropping won’t impress anyone, but it continues to go down, so I’ll take it with no apologies for that. One good thing that came out of the appointment was […]

Vacation Results Are ……. GOOD!!!

I went on a 5 night trip to Rapid City, South Dakota and came back 6 pounds lighter! Down 219.6 overall. Now let me tell you all the bad stuff I ate on the trip. This isn’t to taunt you, this is more as information about finding balance. I had a buffalo burger and buffalo […]

Waiting For My Flight Home

I’m sitting at the airport waiting to come home. I’m curious how the scale will look in the morning. I was constantly hiking and walking on the trip so that is in my favor, but I also ate things I wouldn’t have eaten at home. My goal for traveling is always break even and any […]